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Enkelini’s Let’s Dance and The Grass Is Greener-indie holos!

I’ve gotten a lot of nail mail lately and some of it I’ve liked, some of it I’ve been a bit “meh” about. The only recent in-store purchase was China Glaze’s Black Diamond, which is gorgeous in the bottle but a PITA to apply. Streaky, showing brush-strokes, kinda gloppy somehow too…the list goes on. I finally got it applied though and liked how it looked.

I also added China Glaze Fairy Dust, because who doesn’t like holographic sparkles?

Ooh, sparkly!

CG Black Diamond with CG Fairy Dust over it

But the main event, Enkelini’s polishes, arrived later in the day! So the sun had gone down, and my photographic opportunity for the day was lost. Tomorrow morning I’ll take some good pictures of this gorgeous, dreamy polish.

I wasn’t 100% sure that The Grass Is Greener was a linear holo from the bottle, but have decided since shaking it up and letting it get room temperature (we’re in the negatives outside all day, now!) that it is. It’s an emerald-grass green sparkly holo, and even if it weren’t holographic would be quite pretty. I wasn’t able to see it in sunlight but it looks like it’ll be nice. Application was excellent, with one coat showing some color and a lot of sparkles, and two coats being opaque over CG Black Diamond. It dried very quickly, to my surprise and gratitude, and is glossy without a topcoat.

Let’s Dance…ah, the turquoise. I’m in love with this over Black Diamond. I’ll probably be in love with it by itself. This is the rare miniature I’ve received/purchased that I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to buy the full size bottle! As with The Grass Is Greener, application was fantastic, and I can see the linear holo effect even in lower indoor lighting. This. This, folks. This is the holo I’ve dreamed about. It’s perfect. Out of curiosity, as I had heard topcoats can dull holo, I slapped a coat of SV onto my pinkie and ring fingers. As you can see, the effect is null! There’s shrinkage on my pinkie, but I’ve been having issues with that with SV for a while now, and will be picking up some Poshe topcoat soon hopefully.

nom nom holo

Enkelini’s Let’s Dance over CG Black Diamon

Well, that’s it for today-I’m in the process of setting up a bake shop on etsy, so forgive me if I’m not updating on schedule. Those buttery nipple cupcakes aren’t going to make and sell themselves, you know!

Until next time, ta!



Neither Lacquer nor Liquor! Angel Food Cake

It’s been snowy lately, so I haven’t gone to the store for more beer to review. And I’ve spent my nail polish budget for the month! I have a few more to review, but after a fit of rage following a mis-cut of a few nails, I no longer have any nails. Cut ’em to the quick. While they grow back, I’ll be posting about other goings-on here in Fairbanks and another couple of brews.

Because it’s been so snowy and gloomy outside lately, I decided it was time to do some baking! Perfect timing for that kind of energy, as today is also my husband’s thirtieth birthday. Happy Birthday, Vince! 🙂 He requested strawberry shortcake, but after considering the kind of shortcake he usually picks up at the store, I decided angel food cake would be closer and went looking for a recipe.

As usual, Alton Brown had my back. His recipe, here, even includes a large clip from the show that has him making the cake, so there was very little room to mess up! I had a new Nordicware specially-shaped pan (their buttercup pan, which I picked out so that we could pile whipped cream and strawberries in the middle!) and a glass angel food cake pan. I had my trusty KitchenAid mixer, which I bought last summer at a garage sale for just $50. And I had all the ingredients. The egg whites were room temp, the flour and sugar were sifted. Everything was ready.

Set the mixer going with the egg whites and such in it, as per the recipe, and when it reached medium peaks, I was ready to fold in the flour/sugar mixture with my spatula…

…that I’d forgotten broke a few weeks ago and is now MIA somewhere as a baby toy.

So I folded it in with my hand.

Egg whites, *everywhere.*

My kitchen’s now a sticky, horrific mess, and the cakes came out a little denser than I’d’ve liked, thanks to a little overmixing (and not folding the flour in promptly enough-halfway through Little Man fell down and bonked his head!). But the little cakes especially came out beautifully, and are very tasty! The big one’s a little undercooked towards the bottom but I’ll just cut that part off and we’ll be good to go. 🙂

Have some pictures!



See y’all next time! I’ll try to start on a M-W-F update schedule. Ta!

DarlingDivaPolish’s Slutty Pumpkin and Southern Tier’s Pumpking

It’s mid October ladies and gentlemen! That means *pumpkin.* And today I have two lovely pumpkin-themed items to show you all today. The first is DarlingDivaPolish’s beautiful polish “Slutty Pumpkin,” which is a “How I Met Your Mother” reference! According to DarlingDiva, this is a “metallic orange linear holographic with varying sized black hexes.” It’s gorgeous in the bottle, and is more subtle on the nail. The picture shown here is slightly blurry to show the linear holo!

It’s an amazing polish and a little more subtle than last post’s “Pumpkinlicious,” and definitely a bit more grown-up. I’m definitely impressed with it, and with its formula, which was clean and not too thick-not too thin. My only complaint is that the black hex glitters curl a little bit so definitely make sure you’ve got a good thick topcoat on like Seche Vite. I’d like to try this with a coat of Gelous too, which I’ll have to try and pick up sometime soon.


The second is Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Imperial Pumking, an ale brewed with pumpkins. (Disclaimer: this beer was provided to me by Odem Corp. for honest review.) It’s a hearty ale, with 8.6% alcohol by volume, pureed pumpkin, and magnum and sterling hops. According to the bottle, it’s best served chilled to 40F in a goblet! I didn’t have a goblet (sad day, right?) and so served it in my usual dandelion pint glass. Maybe sometime soon I’ll pick up some beer tasting glasses…


Anywho! Pumking is supposedly an “ode to Puca, a creature of Celtic folklore, who is both feared and respected by those who believe in it.” The Puca, according to Wikipedia:

“According to legend, the púca is a deft shapeshifter, capable of assuming a variety of terrifying or pleasing forms, and may appear as a horse, rabbit, goat,goblin, or dog. No matter what shape the púca takes, its fur is almost always dark. It most commonly takes the form of a sleek black horse with a flowing mane and luminescent golden eyes.[9] (The Manx glashtyn also takes on human form, but he usually betrays his horse’s ears and is analogous to the each uisce)

If a human is enticed onto a púca’s back, it has been known to give them a wild ride; however, unlike a kelpie, which will take its rider and dive into the nearest stream or lake to drown and devour him/her, the púca will do its rider no real harm. However according to some folklorists the only man ever to ride the púca was Brian Boru, High King of Ireland, by using a special bridle incorporating three hairs of the púca’s tail. The púca has the power of human speech, and has been known to give advice and lead people away from harm. Though the púca enjoys confusing and often terrifying humans, it is considered to be benevolent.”

Pumking is a very thick ale, which was a surprise with its color, but maybe shouldn’t have been considering it’s an Imperial ale. It’s very pumpkin-y, which I also did not expect, as other pumpkin spice beers I’ve tried were spiced tasting but not pumpkin tasting. A slightly hoppy initial taste strong pumpkin aftertaste, and I’ve had half a glass and am already feeling it. It’s definitely palatable and if you’re in the mood for a strong beer (and like pumpkin!) this is the beer for you!

That’s it for this post-I have a few polishes in the mail, so stay tuned! And Odem Corp. has generously offered to send me upcoming brews before they hit the shelves here in Fairbanks. Keep an eye out.


Nail Mail!

Today I was lucky enough to receive three (3!!!) polishes from the mail man! From a swap with reddit user minikin_snickasnee I received DarlingDivaPolish’s Space Beetle and Slutty Pumpkin, and as a random act of polish from reddit user NY1227 I received China Glaze’s Some Like it Haute! I met both of these fine specimens of humanity on’s “Random Acts of Polish” subforum, where users can randomly (or not so randomly) gift each other with nail polish. My kinda place! Laid back, chatty, and with a social vibe that I miss, staying at home with the baby.

Speaking of, Little Man was in a cranky mood this evening, so as much as I tried (and oh, I tried-for about three and a half hours) I was unable to get him down for the night and swatches done before this post. I was so close, and then I ran out of nail polish remover. A late night trip to Walmart later, I finally decided it was time for a hot bath, a beer (Pike’s Kilt Lifter Scotch Ruby Ale-my new favorite, and one I’ll be reviewing soon on this blog), a bite to eat, and a manicure. As we speak I’m contentedly warming up in the bath and sipping on my ale.

To tide you all over until the swatches, here is a link to DarlingDiva’s etsy shop, where you can peruse all her offerings. 🙂


Until next time darlings! I’ll eat my rice and tuna and furikake, drink my beer, and dream of the polishes that are coming in the  mail. 😉 Ta!

Northern Star Polish’s “Pumpkinlicious”

Good evening all, and welcome to Pint & Polish!

Today we have Northern Star Polish’s “Pumpkinlicious,” which I bought a 5mL miniature bottle of on etsy for $3.75 and $3 S&H. It arrived on time from Northern Star and was packaged in bubble wrap and a bubble mailer, no problems at all.

The picture above is of three coats of Northern Star Polish’s “Pumpkinlicious” over a coat of Milani’s “Black Swift,” with several coats of OPI’s topcoat over it. I’d love to get a better top coat so it didn’t take so many layers! This glitter ate topcoats like a fat kid eating Twinkies. (Do fat kids all really like Twinkies, actually, or is that just a stereotype? I like cake, personally. And fried Twinkies.)

This was my first glitter polish ever, and it was a little more difficult to work with than I had hoped it would be, but I attribute that entirely to user error and not to low quality of the polish. Regardless, it was a learning experience, and I’m beautifully pleased with the results! “Pumpkinlicious” is, according to the seller, “burnt orange, gold holographic, and green hexes in a clear base” and it is gorgeous. The orange is the primary color showing through, while the hex glitters make a bold statement and add extra visual interest. The green hexes are not holographic, but the gold ones are, and there’s an additional tiny amount of fine holographic glitters that shine rainbows in the right light.

In short, I love it on top of black, and I can’t wait to give it a try over OPI’s Jade is the New Black!


Next time, I’ll be reviewing Rogue Brewery’s Mom Hefeweizen, and if it gets here in time, Darling Diva Polish’s “Slutty Pumpkin!” See y’all soon!

Hello world!

Welcome to Pint and Polish! This blog won’t be strictly *just* about beer and nail lacquer, but I anticipate that being a large portion of it. Check back soon, I’ll be working on the site as I go!

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