Pint & Polish

exploring beer and nail lacquer in alaska

Nail Mail!

Today I was lucky enough to receive three (3!!!) polishes from the mail man! From a swap with reddit user minikin_snickasnee I received DarlingDivaPolish’s Space Beetle and Slutty Pumpkin, and as a random act of polish from reddit user NY1227 I received China Glaze’s Some Like it Haute! I met both of these fine specimens of humanity on’s “Random Acts of Polish” subforum, where users can randomly (or not so randomly) gift each other with nail polish. My kinda place! Laid back, chatty, and with a social vibe that I miss, staying at home with the baby.

Speaking of, Little Man was in a cranky mood this evening, so as much as I tried (and oh, I tried-for about three and a half hours) I was unable to get him down for the night and swatches done before this post. I was so close, and then I ran out of nail polish remover. A late night trip to Walmart later, I finally decided it was time for a hot bath, a beer (Pike’s Kilt Lifter Scotch Ruby Ale-my new favorite, and one I’ll be reviewing soon on this blog), a bite to eat, and a manicure. As we speak I’m contentedly warming up in the bath and sipping on my ale.

To tide you all over until the swatches, here is a link to DarlingDiva’s etsy shop, where you can peruse all her offerings. 🙂


Until next time darlings! I’ll eat my rice and tuna and furikake, drink my beer, and dream of the polishes that are coming in the  mail. 😉 Ta!


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