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Enkelini’s Let’s Dance and The Grass Is Greener-indie holos!

I’ve gotten a lot of nail mail lately and some of it I’ve liked, some of it I’ve been a bit “meh” about. The only recent in-store purchase was China Glaze’s Black Diamond, which is gorgeous in the bottle but a PITA to apply. Streaky, showing brush-strokes, kinda gloppy somehow too…the list goes on. I finally got it applied though and liked how it looked.

I also added China Glaze Fairy Dust, because who doesn’t like holographic sparkles?

Ooh, sparkly!

CG Black Diamond with CG Fairy Dust over it

But the main event, Enkelini’s polishes, arrived later in the day! So the sun had gone down, and my photographic opportunity for the day was lost. Tomorrow morning I’ll take some good pictures of this gorgeous, dreamy polish.

I wasn’t 100% sure that The Grass Is Greener was a linear holo from the bottle, but have decided since shaking it up and letting it get room temperature (we’re in the negatives outside all day, now!) that it is. It’s an emerald-grass green sparkly holo, and even if it weren’t holographic would be quite pretty. I wasn’t able to see it in sunlight but it looks like it’ll be nice. Application was excellent, with one coat showing some color and a lot of sparkles, and two coats being opaque over CG Black Diamond. It dried very quickly, to my surprise and gratitude, and is glossy without a topcoat.

Let’s Dance…ah, the turquoise. I’m in love with this over Black Diamond. I’ll probably be in love with it by itself. This is the rare miniature I’ve received/purchased that I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to buy the full size bottle! As with The Grass Is Greener, application was fantastic, and I can see the linear holo effect even in lower indoor lighting. This. This, folks. This is the holo I’ve dreamed about. It’s perfect. Out of curiosity, as I had heard topcoats can dull holo, I slapped a coat of SV onto my pinkie and ring fingers. As you can see, the effect is null! There’s shrinkage on my pinkie, but I’ve been having issues with that with SV for a while now, and will be picking up some Poshe topcoat soon hopefully.

nom nom holo

Enkelini’s Let’s Dance over CG Black Diamon

Well, that’s it for today-I’m in the process of setting up a bake shop on etsy, so forgive me if I’m not updating on schedule. Those buttery nipple cupcakes aren’t going to make and sell themselves, you know!

Until next time, ta!



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3 thoughts on “Enkelini’s Let’s Dance and The Grass Is Greener-indie holos!

  1. dyannnnna on said:

    It seems you forgot the photos?

  2. Samantha Baker [Shysilverskies] on said:

    They’re so pretty!!

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