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Mooses are a Nuisance

This morning when I woke up I looked out my window and saw a moose cow and her yearling calf! I was excited, grabbed the camera, and as I was checking the battery noticed the dog needed to be let out. Now, I have a husky…he’s gorgeous. He’s lazy. He’s usually pretty intelligent. So I thought, the moose are all the way over there! I’m all the way over here! I’ll just let him out real quick, he’ll pee where he usually does, and then come running back in because there are beasts fifteen times his size over there.

Moose and calf

Moose cow and her yearling calf

Nope. Retard-o went running full-tilt at the moose, growling, barking, yapping, and generally making a ruckus. Hackles up, the whole nine yards! So Mama Moose, who is not to be messed with and Ain’t Got Time for All That, started towards him with the express intention of stomping his stupid little fuzz head into a twitching pulp. (This kills the dog. And is usually what happens if a moose gets close enough to one.)

Luckily for everyone involved, my sister pulled into the driveway in her big-ass SUV just in time to see me screaming at the dog from the doorway, and my dog “protecting the yard” from a moose that wasn’t fooling around. She honked her horn as loud as possible and as soon as the moose moved off a bit jumped out and hauled my dog by his collar back into the house.

Then we went grocery shopping.

Freaking Alaska.


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