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Working without Light, and other Alaskan issues

Well, I have many new polishes (new to me!) to show you guys, but unfortunately, have had extraordinary issues photographing them. My main difficulty stems from a uniquely northern problem: severe lack of sunlight in the winter. The sun rises about 10AM here and sets around 3PM. I have an 8 month old, Rowan, who you all have yet to meet, who occupies most of that time being awake or being put down for his afternoon nap.

My solution will be: a lightbox! I’m currently setting one up on the cheap (have you seen how much they cost on Amazon?!) but have struggled to find time and a boxcutter. As soon as it’s up I’ll do a test post for it with some cookies and my latest and greatest polish, Cirque Fascination Street. I also have a couple of Enkelini holos to show off, have received a couple of Layla holos, and will hopefully (by the time I write the next post) have two full collections (in mini size) from Rainbow Honey to show you all as well. (It’s been a busy two weeks in the Pint&Polish household!)

In case you’re curious, other Alaskan winter issues include: mildew on your windowsills (from keeping your curtains pulled shut all day, if you have baseboard heaters like we do), SAD (which can be remedied to some degree with both Vitamin D and “happy” lights), and your door freezing shut because there is too much humidity in your home (if your door seal isn’t tight). We have been dealing with all three, in addition to normal Alaska rigors, like remembering to plug your car in and wearing enough gear! It has been an interesting winter so far in our first house.

I was gifted a few beers over Thanksgiving as well, only one of which I had not tried before. Unfortunately for us all, I drank a couple of the other ones first, and forgot to take pictures and write down my thoughts on the new one, as well as…(oh the shame) the NAME. I will attempt to dig it out of the trash soon and at least get that for you all. I remember it had lemon and blackberry flavors, and was decidedly strange.

Well, my darlings…until next time! I’ll have pictures of our ficus, Albus, in all his Christmas decorated glory next time for you, too. Ta!


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2 thoughts on “Working without Light, and other Alaskan issues

  1. alphabootoo on said:

    Bad beer blogger! bad!

    On a side note, I got my first Enkelini holos today and yowza, are they amazing!! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the ones you have.

    • Aren’t they just?! I’m hoping holos will photograph properly in the lightbox I’m building. Fingers crossed, or it’s gonna be a while before I can get good pics of those.

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