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Rainbow Honey’s Equestria Collection: Mare of the Moon

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you the first in what will be a somewhat lengthy series of posts: Rainbow Honey’s Mare of the Moon! I received a bit of money over my birthday and was able to purchase miniature bottles (7mL) of both her Equestria and Sakura Matsuri collections. I was just thrilled when I received them-her pictures (and mine) don’t do them justice! There’s a depth to most of her polishes that just doesn’t translate well in pictures.

I tried taking pictures of all of my little adorable boxes lined up, but the light isn’t right here for that. I did however manage to take some pretty decent pictures of the super cute bottle and the polish on the nail! One day though I’ll come back and edit in some packaging photos-it’s all highly professional looking, and it’s sort of astounding to me that one lady makes and puts together all of this. :O

Today, I’m going to show you lovely ladies “Mare of the Moon,” named after Celestia’s sister, Luna, who is the ruler of the night. This polish is absolutely stunning over a dark purple (I used Cirque’s Fascination Street) and really does resemble the late evening sky! In these pictures I am wearing one coat of OPI basecoat, 2 coats of Fascination Street, 1 coat of Mare of the Moon, and 1 coat of Seche Vite. (It sounds like a lot when I type it out! But I spread my nail polishing out over the course of a day-removal and base coat during baby’s first nap, base color during his second nap, and then Mare of the Moon and topcoats after he goes to bed for the evening.)




Aren’t the little moons darling? 

The formula on these was fantastic-it dries just slightly matte, though a topcoat fixes that immediately if you’re inclined. The small round holographic glitters came out readily, though as you’ll see below only one moon made its way to my nails. I suppose I could’ve fished around for them a bit, but I thought I’d try not to and see what happened first. Actually, I kind of like just the one moon-it’s more like a real sky to me. 🙂

There’s a gorgeous light blue shimmer in this polish as well that doesn’t photograph well-you can see it a little in the last photograph of my thumb. It adds a bit of depth and sparkles in the light just enough. ❤





So there you are m’dears! Rainbow Honey’s Mare of the Moon. This size (7mL) is a mini, and is for sale on her site for $5. Next post I’ll have another one for you!

As an aside, I may be starting to work again soon! This new job will probably not be OK with super flashy nail colors, but I promise I’ll still be lacquering up on my days off! 😉 The blog shall go on! 



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