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So many new polishes!

I got a massive order (10 colors!) from a-England, and two new Tough As Nails Lacquers in the last two days! My work is cut out for me! 


RIP kettish, drowned in snow

Well, almost. Floundered my way out of it at the last minute. Turns out you cannot cut through snow like moose do (which is to say like a hot knife through butter!). You just sink in and drown.

I don’t think I like snow anymore. Felt super badass all day for scaring off a moose though.

Hare Golden Years (with NEW! Lightboc Technology!)

Ermagersh, guys! I’ve got Hare Golden Years for you today, another one of Hare Polish’s lovely Finders Keepers Fall 2012 collection! 

Like Cast In Bronze before it, the color was just slightly different from what I had expected from the swatches on Llarowe. It dazzled me instantly with a dark navy base and more insistent greenish glitters than the navy could drown out. A seaweed-filled sea was the image that stuck with me.

So-according to Hare herself: “Golden Years is a semi-sheer navy blue jelly packed full of gold glitter in squares and hexes in all kinds of sizes, mysterious iridescent blue glitter, navy blue hexes and delicate gold flecks.”

Gold! Those glitters aren’t green, they’re gold! Dayum! Nevertheless, I do not retract my above statement regarding a seaweed-filled ocean: that is what I see in it. And art is interpreted by the viewer, non? I will say that the iridescent flecks shine blue, and really help amp up the “navy” part of this polish on the nail, so that it isn’t all gold glitter that are somewhat green. 

Let’s get some pictures up in this piece-straight from my brand new, super duper postal box lightbox!


Still workin’ on whippin’ those cuticles into shape!


One thing I LOVE about this polish is the complexity of the color. There’s everything from blue from the iridescent sparks and the sheer navy base to green (misinterpreted gold glitters) to yellows and golds from glitter closer to the surface. It’s a lovely polish that applied easily. Shown above is three coats, with a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite on top.

Overall, I’m very impressed and thrilled with this polish! I didn’t mean to sound like a downer above. Even the Husband said he liked it, which is an unusual occurrence indeed! Additionally, while it isn’t a dusty blue or a pastel, the amount of glitter somewhat softens the overall effect against my skin tone, so I’m wearing a lovely dark blue color without looking utterly washed out. !Que bella!

Well, it’s a late night here, and I’m off to bed! Next up will be my third Finders Keepers Hare, Amethystos. It’ll probably be a bit before I post that though, as these glitter-heavy concoctions are a PITA to remove. I’ve been told to use Elmer’s glue as a base coat, and will give that a try soon, but couldn’t resist swatching this for y’all and hopping on to report in (especially since I had the nice new lightbox to play with)!

Later, ladies and gents! -Allie

Good news, everyone!

I made a lightbox finally! Be warned, awesome pics coming later this evening when I show off Hare Golden Years!

Upcoming posts-I swear I was gonna do ’em today and then I didn’t

Oh man. Baby’s first cold bulled its way into our home this week and interrupted my excellent intentions. I’m almost done swatching all my current a-England polishes and next post will probably be spam! 

Later peeps! *cough, hack, snot.* -Allie

Hare-Cast In Bronze

Oh my gosh what?? Two posts in a week’s time? No way! 


Yes way! I remembered to take pictures, and decided to stop being quite such a perfectionist with my photos for now. It was hindering me from making posts regularly and that just will not do! If need be, I can go back later (during the summer, when the light is fantastic) and reshoot.

Speaking of summer, it feels like it’s on its way here today-it’s actually just barely above freezing! It’s wreaking havoc though, as the heat wave has been accompanied by freezing rain for most of the day. It’s not supposed to be as bad as “The Great Freezing Rain Event of November 2010” (Weather Service’s words, not mine!) but is still making the roads treacherous. Baby was sick today, so we stayed home from a playdate, and I’m kinda glad we did, now.

(As an aside, I actually did drive to work during aforemention Great Freezing Rain Event of November 2010, and was one of the few people who did at that job-even though I lived the farthest. I had good tires, and in retrospect it wasn’t the most brilliant move I’ve ever made, but I felt like it gave me some street cred.)

So to keep my mind busy, while my heart worries over my husband driving home in about an hour, I have pictures for you of Hare’s Cast In Bronze, one of the six polishes in her Finders Keepers Fall 2012 collection. I had initially planned on purchasing them as a set and getting it out of the way all at once, but the exact day that I trundled up to Llarowe to make the buy the listing was taken down! Bummer! So I ordered Cast in Bronze and Golden Years right then, and was able to later snag Amethystos. That leaves Oceans of Alloys, King of Carat Flowers, and Reverie in Rubelite. 

Cast in Bronze looked pink with copper glitters on the swatches I saw, and so I was surprised when I opened her up and it was a very pink-purple kind of taupe! I was unsure. I don’t like the word taupe. It looks nice enough, but the pronunciation is ugly to my ears. And it usually means some sort of weird murky brown thing that never, ever looks like it fits on my skin.

Cast in Bronze, to my utter and complete delight, was not some weird murky brown thing. The base color manages to be some sort of dark neutral on me! And the copper glitters are beautiful in it. I even liked it matted. I feel like this was the first indie glitter I ever purchased that actually managed to not be “out there.” I could wear it to my mommy group and not feel like I’m trying to be a wild young thang, with all my blue and green and rainbow glitter polish and such. 


Application was excellent, with one dab needed (to fill in an particularly glitter-less spot). I used three coats and the jelly base built up nicely. You may notice that I’m sportin’ stubby nails, which means I can’t tell you exactly how sheer this is, as I don’t have a nail line anymore, but for what it’s worth, where it’s layered it doesn’t seem terribly sheer. I’ll have to try this out again when my nails are grown out more and get back to y’all on that.


I have one other Hare polish on hand I’ll have to try soon and get pictures of for you-Golden Years! And I made a massive order during a-England’s Thank You sale, so prepare for a post with swatch spam of a-Englands I already have in preparation for that arrival.

Until next time! Muah!


Darling Diva Polish-Chunky PB&J

Hi all! This is my second stab at this post. Safari is a fickle beast, and my MacBook Pro sucks (in part because it’s running on an older OS, and my disk drive is broken, so I can’t upgrade it). So, let’s try this again, shall we?

Today I have Darling Diva Polish’s Chunky PB&J, a grape jam purple holo with copper colored hex glitters. It’s got a little more oomph holo-wise than my last holo from her (Slutty Pumpkin), and applies easily. The first coat was a tad streaky, but coat two evened it out beautifully, and coat three was essentially to just deepen the color a little bit and get a couple more glitters on thar.

Here’s a couple of bottle shots-still working on getting lighting down pat, so please keep in mind that this color is a tad lighter than it appears in the photos.


Isn’t it lovely? I love the sparklies. ❤ A couple of the photos are a little blurred to help you see the holographic effect.

And here it is on my nails!


In the photo directly above it’s easiest to see the holographic effect on my ring finger. Love it! And the glitters were not difficult to get out, nor to apply. 🙂 Definitely worth the money spent!

You can buy Darling Diva Polishes here on etsy for $12, which is a little more than her other polishes due to the amount of holographic material used in the polish. Again-totally worth it. 😀

I’ll be back soon with the next one in this order! Until next time, keep warm!

Darling Diva Polishes!

Darling Diva Polishes!

Thumb is Soap…Poisoning, index is Chunky PB&J, Middle finger is Sheer Poetry, and ring finger is A Christmas Story. All four are for sale at, and I think she may still have her holiday sale going on-enter HOLIDAY30 at checkout for 30% off! More photos to be uploaded tomorrow, hopefully this will tide you all over until I can get better photos (especially of Chunky PB&J and Sheer Poetry, which are both holos!).

Happy New Year!

From North Pole, Alaska, where we’re having the unseasonally warm temperatures of 32F-to you and all yours, regardless of race, gender, creed, or color! Happy New Year, and may 2013 be merry and bright!


I’ll be back on tomorrow with some small swatches of new Darling Diva Polishes I received in the mail today. Stay tuned!

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