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Hare Golden Years (with NEW! Lightboc Technology!)

Ermagersh, guys! I’ve got Hare Golden Years for you today, another one of Hare Polish’s lovely Finders Keepers Fall 2012 collection! 

Like Cast In Bronze before it, the color was just slightly different from what I had expected from the swatches on Llarowe. It dazzled me instantly with a dark navy base and more insistent greenish glitters than the navy could drown out. A seaweed-filled sea was the image that stuck with me.

So-according to Hare herself: “Golden Years is a semi-sheer navy blue jelly packed full of gold glitter in squares and hexes in all kinds of sizes, mysterious iridescent blue glitter, navy blue hexes and delicate gold flecks.”

Gold! Those glitters aren’t green, they’re gold! Dayum! Nevertheless, I do not retract my above statement regarding a seaweed-filled ocean: that is what I see in it. And art is interpreted by the viewer, non? I will say that the iridescent flecks shine blue, and really help amp up the “navy” part of this polish on the nail, so that it isn’t all gold glitter that are somewhat green. 

Let’s get some pictures up in this piece-straight from my brand new, super duper postal box lightbox!


Still workin’ on whippin’ those cuticles into shape!


One thing I LOVE about this polish is the complexity of the color. There’s everything from blue from the iridescent sparks and the sheer navy base to green (misinterpreted gold glitters) to yellows and golds from glitter closer to the surface. It’s a lovely polish that applied easily. Shown above is three coats, with a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite on top.

Overall, I’m very impressed and thrilled with this polish! I didn’t mean to sound like a downer above. Even the Husband said he liked it, which is an unusual occurrence indeed! Additionally, while it isn’t a dusty blue or a pastel, the amount of glitter somewhat softens the overall effect against my skin tone, so I’m wearing a lovely dark blue color without looking utterly washed out. !Que bella!

Well, it’s a late night here, and I’m off to bed! Next up will be my third Finders Keepers Hare, Amethystos. It’ll probably be a bit before I post that though, as these glitter-heavy concoctions are a PITA to remove. I’ve been told to use Elmer’s glue as a base coat, and will give that a try soon, but couldn’t resist swatching this for y’all and hopping on to report in (especially since I had the nice new lightbox to play with)!

Later, ladies and gents! -Allie


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