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Summer’s coming! :D

I’m so excited. it’s getting warm outside (and in!). The snow’s melting. The sun’s up for long hours now. Summer’s coming!

Summer: the time of barbeques and fire pits, beer on the porch and walks in the morning. The time of hiking and camping and fishing and hiking and hiking and hiking. The time that Fairbanks’ motto is fashioned after: “Light and Warmth.” 

Summers in Fairbanks are magical. My family is coming up to visit this year for my sister’s wedding-which will be in my back yard. I decided to start working again, after languishing at home for just a little too long. 

Everything is currently right in my world, and it’s wonderful.


Fat Tire New Belgium Ale

Finally, a Pint post! Ha! Hey, it’s hard finding time for the alcoholic portion of our show when there’s a one year old running around under one’s feet. 😉 But today, I made an exception and popped one while he’s down for his long nap of the day. After all, Fat Tire has finally made it to Alaska!

I first tried Fat Tire beers when I lived in Georgia, about 3-4 years ago. It was at the beginning of my vast developing love affair with beer, and I still thought that the moon hung on Blue Moon. 

(To be fair, Blue Moon is still my comfort/default beer of choice! It’s just so yummy!)

When my soon to be brother-in-law at one of the local alcohol distributors in town informed me that they’d start carrying it up here, though, I was determined to revisit it. And lo, it was a good decision! 

My notes on this beer:

“smooth, slightly sweet/malty, balanced hops. Good beer-not quite sessionable, as it’s a little thicker than I’d say for that term, but definitely something I could have 2-3 of on a good night!”

This amber ale is described as such: Fat Tire Amber Ale’s appeal is in its feat of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness.” So pretty much what it says is what you get!

Honestly I enjoyed this beer a lot-I’ll probably squirrel the ‘commemorative’ bottle away somewhere in hopes that one day I can show it off. And I’ll definitely be buying more!

Now, pictures!







And my newest fridge magnet! 🙂



Be back in a few days with my review of Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf. See you then! 


❤ kettish.

Cirque Tibetan Nights

Hi again! Another update, oh man! :O So a quick story about this post: I was heading to my stash to look for good undies for Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf, and it was suggested by a friend that I use a dark blue. Genius! I went looking. Then I discovered Cirque Tibetan Nights, chilling in the blue section, totally untested in a full manicure…and I remembered their beguiling lavendar and sage scent…and the swatches I’d seen…and…uh…I promise I’ll do Bad Wolf next! 😮

Cirque Tibetan Nights is a true dark blue jelly polish with small silver glitters and little bitty silver shreds-true tiny slips of shreds, not chunky shreds like their LE Halloween polish Neko was. In the swatches below I built it up in three layers, and put a layer of butter LONDON’s Hardwear Quick PD topcoat on top. The end result is a deliciously squishy and depth-filled manicure with just the right amount of silver sparkle showing through like stars burning cold and fierce above Mt. Everest.





I love how this looks on me-the blue tones bring out the paleness of my skin instead of the redness from dry winter fingers! This went on a little thin, similar to how holos do-if you take too much time applying the individual coats, or if you don’t wait long enough between coats, you get drag. Otherwise it was excellent and it’s a real pleasure to look at on. 🙂

Next time: Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf (promise!). LATERS!

❤ kettish

Digital Nails Serenity

Long time no see ladies (and gentlemen?)! Sorry for the delay. I got swatch sticks and was POLISH BOMBED and it all went downhill (blog-wise) from there! But amazingly enough the sun has returned to Fairbanks and so I have photos of a new polish for you all today. ❤


Digital Nails is a lovely little indie brand run by a redditor! She has some amazing looking polishes and I finally bit the bullet and bought two of them-then, once I swatched them, went back and bought two more. They’re that good!

Serenity, today’s swatch, is named after the ill-fated “Firefly”-more specifically, the ship that Captain Reynolds & Crew flew. It is described by Digital Nails as such: “This jewel-toned beauty is made with color shifting glitter and goes from magenta to teal depending on the angle at which it is viewed.” I found actually that it wasn’t easily viewed in strong sunlight, and thrives more in indoor or shadowed lighting! Nice departure from my usual holos, which can be a tad dull in anything less than Maui.



Isn’t it just lovely? It’s my second duochrome (I have butter LONDON Knackered, too) but honestly it’s the first one that has just blown me away! Even my husband liked it. DAYUM!

You can purchase Serenity at Digital Nails’ etsy shop for $13.00 USD. Shipping was amazingly prompt-like, shipped out the day after I ordered! 


I’ll be back sooner than last time, promise. Lots of excellent goodies to swatch for you all! 😉 With love, from the (still snow covered) North Pole-


❤ kettish.

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