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Digital Nails Serenity

Long time no see ladies (and gentlemen?)! Sorry for the delay. I got swatch sticks and was POLISH BOMBED and it all went downhill (blog-wise) from there! But amazingly enough the sun has returned to Fairbanks and so I have photos of a new polish for you all today. ❤


Digital Nails is a lovely little indie brand run by a redditor! She has some amazing looking polishes and I finally bit the bullet and bought two of them-then, once I swatched them, went back and bought two more. They’re that good!

Serenity, today’s swatch, is named after the ill-fated “Firefly”-more specifically, the ship that Captain Reynolds & Crew flew. It is described by Digital Nails as such: “This jewel-toned beauty is made with color shifting glitter and goes from magenta to teal depending on the angle at which it is viewed.” I found actually that it wasn’t easily viewed in strong sunlight, and thrives more in indoor or shadowed lighting! Nice departure from my usual holos, which can be a tad dull in anything less than Maui.



Isn’t it just lovely? It’s my second duochrome (I have butter LONDON Knackered, too) but honestly it’s the first one that has just blown me away! Even my husband liked it. DAYUM!

You can purchase Serenity at Digital Nails’ etsy shop for $13.00 USD. Shipping was amazingly prompt-like, shipped out the day after I ordered! 


I’ll be back sooner than last time, promise. Lots of excellent goodies to swatch for you all! 😉 With love, from the (still snow covered) North Pole-


❤ kettish.


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3 thoughts on “Digital Nails Serenity

  1. Gorgeous swatches! You really captured the shift nicely! 😀

  2. In a hypothetical situation, if I had 3 minutes to pack a bag before my house was destroyed….I would pack my bottle of Serenity. You did an amazing job capturing the color shifts, too!

  3. Thanks so much! ❤ I'm very excited to get Bad Wolf swatched and to see Galactica and Leviathan-I'll send you a link when it's up!

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