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Cirque Tibetan Nights

Hi again! Another update, oh man! :O So a quick story about this post: I was heading to my stash to look for good undies for Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf, and it was suggested by a friend that I use a dark blue. Genius! I went looking. Then I discovered Cirque Tibetan Nights, chilling in the blue section, totally untested in a full manicure…and I remembered their beguiling lavendar and sage scent…and the swatches I’d seen…and…uh…I promise I’ll do Bad Wolf next! šŸ˜®

Cirque Tibetan Nights is a true dark blue jelly polish with small silver glitters and little bitty silver shreds-true tiny slips of shreds, not chunky shreds like their LE Halloween polish Neko was. In the swatches below I built it up in three layers, and put a layer of butter LONDON’s Hardwear Quick PD topcoat on top. The end result is a deliciously squishy and depth-filled manicure with just the right amount of silver sparkle showing through like stars burning cold and fierce above Mt. Everest.





I love how this looks on me-the blue tones bring out the paleness of my skin instead of the redness from dry winter fingers! This went on a little thin, similar to how holos do-if you take too much time applying the individual coats, or if you don’t wait long enough between coats, you get drag. Otherwise it was excellent and it’s a real pleasure to look at on. šŸ™‚

Next time: Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf (promise!). LATERS!

ā¤ kettish


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