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Dear sweet tiny baby Jesus all wrapped in golden fleece, it’s been a while!

Sorry folks! Had some shit go down. Hopefully I’ll be back on a more regular schedule again now! 🙂


For today, have some Zoya Kissy over butter LONDON Saucy Jack.


bL Saucy Jack and Zoya Kissy-Mm, mm, sparkles!



This shiz is so sparkly and delicious that my camera refused to capture it appropriately. Luckily, that means you can really see the amazing holographic bar glitters! I never considered myself a bar glitter fan, but this line may change my mind.


I received the Zoya in one of Sparkly Vernis’ grab bags! I purchased two of her higher end bags and was NOT disappointed! She says she’s going to do them again next year. I’ll have to set some money aside!


Until next time, when I plan on reviewing my very first Elevation polish (El Cap)-




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