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The Mysterious Case of the Appearing Sidewalk Chalk

This morning when I opened my door there was a brand-new box of colorful sidewalk chalk on my doorstep.


All family in the area denies involvement.



Late Night Blues

Crud. Skipped past “tired and ready to sleep” into “do all the things and scour the internet for a few hours looking for something.”

Earlier it was an artist for label art on my line of products-that took a depressing turn when I researched average commission rates, and the artist I really wanted for it is well above average. Well, well above! I’ll still be contacting her to see if things are as pricey as I expect they will be (and with reason) but doubt it’ll be in my price range. (For those who are curious, it’s Amagram Press who I discovered on you’re in the Tacoma, WA, area you have the chance to see a lot of her artwork around town!)

Now, inspired by some random redditing and the fact that my knives are duller than a box of kindergartner’s crayons, I’m looking at kitchen knives. Turns out the sharpener I’ve been using is totally awful, and that real knife enthusiasts use a whetstone and/or strop. Shit. Well, let it never be said I didn’t enjoy buying new equipment and learning new skills! I see a lot of Youtube-ing in my future.

Also turns out that I accidentally bought a pretty decent set of knives when The Man and I first got married and were living together. Woo hoo! I have a set of Henkel knives that have served admirably. While I’d love to lay hands on some Shun knives (c’mon, they’re freaking beautiful!) I know that they’re well out of our price range for a long time, not the least because I’m trying to start my own business. So I plan to make the appropriate whetstone/strop purchases (which I understand aren’t too expensive) and try and get a good edge back on what we’ve got. And if I see a little Shun paring knife on sale somewhere…maybe. In a few years.

Since I last wrote on this blog I’ve baked a lot of things! My sister and I went on a baking spree today to send out goodies to family. Products of the frenzy include chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men, macarons (which didn’t quite come out but are still tasty), and black bottom cupcakes. Still left to make are apple cider caramels and pumpkin bread. Unfortunately, the black bottom cupcakes were subpar and not fit for sending to family, whom we love and only want to give wonderful things. Sister and I took the bullet for you guys and ate them ourselves. Terrible. So traumatic.


Also in the works lately is my own business, called Aurora Apothecaries (though I foresee a lot of shortening it to just “Aurora”). I have recipes for body and lip scrubs, bath bombs, lip balm, hand balm/salve, and whipped hand lotion so far, but am working on producing more consistent results with some other products before opening shop. So far I have great feedback on the lip balm, which is the only thing I’ve been able to send out for review.


On the Pint & Polish side of things, I’m sad to say that Pint will be taking a break for a while-the other day I had some heart palpitations after drinking two beers, and I’m in now hurry to have to go back in for surgery again. 

Polish-wise, I managed to pounce on both an Enchanted and a Takko restock last month, and hope to have at least the Takkos in hand soon! I have Va Va Voom, Marie Antoinette, and Get Lucky in the mail as we speak and will try and post my nubbly little reviews. From Enchanted I have October, November, Mercy, and the Mystery Holiday polish, but have yet to receive a ‘shipped’ notice and so that’s still up in the air due to her massive oversell. Fingers crossed!


Little Man continues to grow, and get closer and closer to recognizable language. He is enjoying playing with the two kiddos that I babysit about half the month each month and all three are enjoying the toddler activities a friend of mine compiled. You wouldn’t think three kids could sit and scoop and pile and play with rice for (seriously) HOURS at a time, but…apparently they can. It was awesome and perfect since I felt like poop.


Well, I can’t figure out a good way to close out this post-tonight’s one of those weird nights where if you’re with friends, you all sit around and say goodnight five times but never actually get up, or maybe you never say goodnight at all, but just sit there, tired but unwilling to leave, vaguely awkward and a little uncomfortable. It’s been a strange sort of day.


Good night

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