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a-England Her Rose Adagio

Hello readers and fellow nail color enthusiasts! Today I have one of a-England’s newest Ballerina collection polishes, Her Rose Adagio. I am actually sort of on the quick side with these swatches I suppose, seeing as Adina’s (the creator of a-England) usual blogger, Eugenia at OmmorphiaBeautyBar, hasn’t put out official swatches and descriptions yet! I usually cite the creator on what exactly a polish is, color-wise, but since there’s no data I’m going to give it a shot.

Her Rose Adagio is presumably named after and referring to what is considered to be one of the most difficult sequences in ballet. It’s from Sleeping Beauty, and is the part where the main character is presented to four different suitors, and involves the ballerina undergoing a very strenuous sequence of promenades-twice! You can watch this video of Ms. Fonteyn herself, who is the inspiriation for the entire Ballerina collection, and see for yourself. The part that is most strenuous is also the most visually impressive, to me: where the four suitors come up each and turn her on one foot, pivoted like a little girl’s jewelry-box figurine.

The color of Her Rose Adagio is similar to the color of Ms. Fonteyn’s tutu in the video I linked above, and I have to wonder if it’s the inspiration for it. The polish itself is a gorgeous soft pink-nude sort of color, with just the right amount of holo effect: noticeable in sunlight, but not attention-demanding. (That’s something I’ve always liked about a-England!)

Despite my efforts I was only able to capture one truly color-accurate photo of Her Rose Adagio, though most of the ones I’ll show you are close, and do show off the lovely soft holo finish. This polish’s formula was exquisite (like all a-Englands!) and stunningly pigmented. It also removes easily, like most holos, and while it dried to a shine I felt compelled to put a layer of topcoat on anyway (I use Poshe now).

The first photo, here, is the most color accurate. It was taken in soft natural lighting.


The rest of these are taken in indoor lighting. 🙂 Look at that gorgeous soft holo!



I am impressed with Her Rose Adagio, as I always am with a-England, and am looking forward to purchasing the rest of the Ballerina collection. On my fingers it looks like a gorgeous, delicate rose-tinted nude holo, which is RIGHT up one of my alleys. 🙂

a-England polishes can be purchased directly from their creator if you’re in the UK, and if you’re in the US or Canada through color4nails, Llarowe, Nail Polish Canada, or Ninja Polish, and if you’re in Singapore (or much of the world) you can order from MeiMei Signatures. Other retailers world-wide can be found here.

Thanks for reading-hope to see you all again soon!



Edited to add retailers!


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