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Lilypad Lacquer Black Pearl

Hello, all! I recently received my first Lilypad Lacquer, a brand that has been building in popularity for some time now. I was very happy to discover that all the attention is warranted! All three of the polishes I received from them is excellent.

The first one I’ll be reviewing is Black Pearl, a grey-pink duochrome with fabulous amounts of holographic effect. It’s a more holographic version of what I expected bL Knackered to be, with an additional metallic dimension. It’s not truly a metallic polish though-I rarely purchase those, as my nails are generally short, and I feel metallic finish is one of those that emphasizes my nubbiness. (For those interested, finishes like holographic, glass fleck, shimmer, etc., are excellent for short nails. Cremes, metallics-anything flat-will make them look even shorter, in my experience.)

On to the photos!

This is three coats, with no base coat and one coat of Poshe topcoat.

Full sun:



And in shade:


Indoor lighting (you can see the pink, but it’s even stronger IRL!):


In short, this is an amazing polish and I kind of need even more of these Lilypads. Seriously. I already have a list of ones I need from them. It’s pretty bad.

Welp, see you guys next time!


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