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Digital Nails Colovaria (my first thermal!)

Good evening everyone! This latest polish-a mini provided for my review by Raphaelle at Digital Nails-came at an excellent time for me! I am currently in the midst of a bout of Potteritis. The disease is incurable but easily treatable with marathon showings of all eight movies and shameful amounts of fanfiction. Why is this all so good, you may ask? Because Colovaria is the spell for changing an object’s color, and this thermal polish does just that! (Between two colors. On your fingertips. Nothing else.) 

Digital Nails Colovaria is a polish that, on me, shifts between pale, soft pink with iridiscent color-shifting green to blue shimmer when it’s warm to a dark, bold pink with the same shifting glimmer when it’s cool. 

Sad truth of the matter is though that apparently either my fingernails are too short still or my hands are exceptionally warm, because one way or another I spent all day with pale, sheer pink nails and not a thermal-French-tip mani in sight! This was easily cured anytime I went outside (where it was a BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, BALMY 30 degrees Fahrenheit today!) or washed my hands in cold water or reached into the ice bin. 

I’m willing to bet I just don’t have enough nail past my fingertips, though, which is a sad thing-this polish was truly gorgeous with the dark pink at the tips! It reminded me of certain flowers that are tinged darker in the inside. The overall color scheme reminded me strongly of cherry blossoms…but then, I’m definitely being hit with a wicked case of spring fever!

I used two coats of Colovaria and one coat of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat, which has quickly become a favorite and of which I’ll need a backup bottle for JUST IN CASE. The first pictures are as my nails were all day-totally pale pink-and for later photos I stuck my hand in the freezer for 10-20 seconds. Formula was excellent, leaning slightly to the thicker side (as is my personal preference) and each coat dried quickly.


Look at these green shimmers!








Colovaria is available from Digital Nails’ Etsy shop here for $12 and Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat is available for $6. Her formulas are 3-Free and her shipping is ultra fast!

Next time I’ll have another Digital Nails beauty up on the blog-stay tuned! Sleep tight readers and readeresses-



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2 thoughts on “Digital Nails Colovaria (my first thermal!)

  1. Thermal polishes are awesome. I thought they’d be gimmicky (and they kind of are!) but I really don’t mind – it’s a cool effect.

    And you shouldn’t joke about Potteritis 😉 ; it’s a very real thing! Of course, I always end up tapping out around the Half-Blood Prince because Dolores Umbridge makes me want to hit things, but Potteritis can be quite dangerous (and time-consuming.)

    • I’m not joking! We went through all eight movies over three days. I’m currently plumbing the depths of the internet for good fics. I’m actually really enjoying all the Sherlock/HP crossovers.

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