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Digital Nails Double Rainicorn

Good evening/morning, dearest readers! Welcome to any new friends who may stumble upon my humble blog. And seriously, I mean humble. I’m not being overly modest.

This eve-mor-ning I have for you another Digital Nails polish (can you tell I’m on a spree?): Double Rainicorn! This was inspired by Lady Rainicorn of Adventure Time fame, who looks like this:


and a Double Rainicorn looks like this:


and apparently inspires reactions like this. Woah.

Anywho, Double Rainicorn was created with the intention to convey both Lady’s coloration-which is pretty spectacular in and of itself-but ALSO, her crazy magical ability to change things different colors! (This video is like something my brother would make. I swear.) (The first part is pertinent, anyway. The rest is silliness.) So there is an absolutely astonishing amount of different kinds of glitter in this polish. There are holographic bars and dots, there are little bitty holo specks, there are whites and yellow satin squares and blue and green metallic hexes. Those are the ones that really stick out to me!

So, bar glitter: love/hate relationship, she and I. I like how it looks sometimes and it’s a PITA to apply sometimes. We meet occasionally in the middle for a civil tea that afterwards is recalled as enjoyable. Unfortunately this bar glitter was a little longer than I like working with, and so I ended up trimming bits off the ends of my nails where they hung over. I liked them when I thought about Lady, though, and I sort of thought it looked like movement traces-those little lines that blur and show that a character is moving. But holographic. And therefore awesomer.

The rest of the glitters were too easy to get out of the bottle! Even the big dots, which she warns may be difficult, were easy enough after I turned the bottle upside down for a few minutes prior to use. I actually got a lot more glitter than I bargained for with each dip, and so my nails look like crazy. CRAZY!

These photos were taken in indoor lighting. I used two coats of Chaos & Crocodiles LH06 as a base color and then one dabbed/brushed coat of Double Rainicorn on top. Over that went a coat of Gelous and Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That topcoat.







Finn approves!


Double Rainicorn is available through Digital Nails’ etsy shop here for $10 USD and you can keep up-to-date with her shop goings-on at her Facebook page. I’ll have at least one more of her polishes up on the blog soon, and maybe more. 😉

Hope you all sleep tight, and have a great day tomorrow!



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One thought on “Digital Nails Double Rainicorn

  1. Love this post! Your swatches are fantastic, and totally look like Lady Rainicorn transformed into polish. And that video of overly-ecstatic rainbow guy is so good, I can’t even.

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