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Lilypad Lacquer Black Pearl

Hello, all! I recently received my first Lilypad Lacquer, a brand that has been building in popularity for some time now. I was very happy to discover that all the attention is warranted! All three of the polishes I received from them is excellent.

The first one I’ll be reviewing is Black Pearl, a grey-pink duochrome with fabulous amounts of holographic effect. It’s a more holographic version of what I expected bL Knackered to be, with an additional metallic dimension. It’s not truly a metallic polish though-I rarely purchase those, as my nails are generally short, and I feel metallic finish is one of those that emphasizes my nubbiness. (For those interested, finishes like holographic, glass fleck, shimmer, etc., are excellent for short nails. Cremes, metallics-anything flat-will make them look even shorter, in my experience.)

On to the photos!

This is three coats, with no base coat and one coat of Poshe topcoat.

Full sun:



And in shade:


Indoor lighting (you can see the pink, but it’s even stronger IRL!):


In short, this is an amazing polish and I kind of need even more of these Lilypads. Seriously. I already have a list of ones I need from them. It’s pretty bad.

Welp, see you guys next time!


a-England Her Rose Adagio

Hello readers and fellow nail color enthusiasts! Today I have one of a-England’s newest Ballerina collection polishes, Her Rose Adagio. I am actually sort of on the quick side with these swatches I suppose, seeing as Adina’s (the creator of a-England) usual blogger, Eugenia at OmmorphiaBeautyBar, hasn’t put out official swatches and descriptions yet! I usually cite the creator on what exactly a polish is, color-wise, but since there’s no data I’m going to give it a shot.

Her Rose Adagio is presumably named after and referring to what is considered to be one of the most difficult sequences in ballet. It’s from Sleeping Beauty, and is the part where the main character is presented to four different suitors, and involves the ballerina undergoing a very strenuous sequence of promenades-twice! You can watch this video of Ms. Fonteyn herself, who is the inspiriation for the entire Ballerina collection, and see for yourself. The part that is most strenuous is also the most visually impressive, to me: where the four suitors come up each and turn her on one foot, pivoted like a little girl’s jewelry-box figurine.

The color of Her Rose Adagio is similar to the color of Ms. Fonteyn’s tutu in the video I linked above, and I have to wonder if it’s the inspiration for it. The polish itself is a gorgeous soft pink-nude sort of color, with just the right amount of holo effect: noticeable in sunlight, but not attention-demanding. (That’s something I’ve always liked about a-England!)

Despite my efforts I was only able to capture one truly color-accurate photo of Her Rose Adagio, though most of the ones I’ll show you are close, and do show off the lovely soft holo finish. This polish’s formula was exquisite (like all a-Englands!) and stunningly pigmented. It also removes easily, like most holos, and while it dried to a shine I felt compelled to put a layer of topcoat on anyway (I use Poshe now).

The first photo, here, is the most color accurate. It was taken in soft natural lighting.


The rest of these are taken in indoor lighting. 🙂 Look at that gorgeous soft holo!



I am impressed with Her Rose Adagio, as I always am with a-England, and am looking forward to purchasing the rest of the Ballerina collection. On my fingers it looks like a gorgeous, delicate rose-tinted nude holo, which is RIGHT up one of my alleys. 🙂

a-England polishes can be purchased directly from their creator if you’re in the UK, and if you’re in the US or Canada through color4nails, Llarowe, Nail Polish Canada, or Ninja Polish, and if you’re in Singapore (or much of the world) you can order from MeiMei Signatures. Other retailers world-wide can be found here.

Thanks for reading-hope to see you all again soon!



Edited to add retailers!

Model City Polish Valentine’s Day Polishes

Hi there! If you’re alive and not being frozen/roasted by the polar vortices, you should know about today’s brand (especially since I’ve had them on before!). Model City Polish is the brainchild and creation of Nina Kasper, who happens to be a good online friend. I purchased both of her Valentine’s Day polishes as soon as they went live on her gorgeous new site, and have them on today for your perusal!

Model City Polish Valentines Day Duo

The first of the two I’ll be reviewing today is More Than Words, a “berry holographic jelly blend with a splash red micro flakes.” The red micro flakes are an excellent addition to this polish, as they give it a little extra somethin’-somethin’ that distinguishes it from other jelly holos. Unfortunately, the combined effect is difficult to photograph, though I gave it my best shot anyway!

Model City Polish More Than Words


Here’s a photo of it under a bright sunlight lamp-it really shows off the holo effect that is a little more difficult to see in the first photo.

MCP 04

Isn’t it just gorgeous??!! Freaking amazeballs!

The second new polish is called Never Tear Us Apart, and is a clear base blend with holographic dust, large and small silver holographic hexes, tiny pink holographic hexes, and pink holographic hearts. The overall effect is WHOAMYGOD HOLO! Like FOR CEREAL GUYS. FOR SUPER CEREAL. I tried Never Tear Us Apart over piCture pOlish Flirt, but for some reason my camera couldn’t handle the awesomeness and washed it out to a weird coral color (when it’s really shockingly pink!). So forgive the grossness of the base color and try and focus on how amazing Never Tear Us Apart is-at the end I’ll show some swatches of it with other base colors, for comparison. 🙂

Model City Polish Never Tear Us Apart

The formula on More Than Words is a little bit thin but with a polish like that I prefer it thinner than thicker. It was perfectly manageable though I did get a little drag if I tried going over a section that wasn’t dry yet. Totally worth it for the beautiful, luminous berry pink color that resulted! When removing MTW I found a little more resistance than I thought I’d have, due to the microflakes, but it wasn’t bad at all.

Model City Polish Never Tear Us Apart


And again, a photo showing the holo-y goodness (it still doesn’t touch the total SPARKLE this polish has goin’ on-my camera was overwhelmed!-but it does a little better).

Model City Polish Never Tear Us Apart

The formula on Never Tear Us Apart is perfect-just thick enough to keep the hearts and big hexes suspended, and I didn’t have to fish a single bit to get hearts on the brush. In fact, on my first swatch of it, I had to deal with *too many* hearts on the brush-I don’t need four hearts on a single nail! Removal is average for glitter toppers.

Here’s the photo I promised with a few swatches of Never Tear You Apart over different colors. From left to right, the four base colors are butter LONDON All Hail the Queen, Chaos & Crocodiles LH06 (review upcoming!), Mentality Wily, and Milani Black Swift. My personal favorite is over the purple, but the black shows off the glitter best I think! 🙂

Model City Polish Never Tear Us Apart

Model City Polish Never Tear Us Apart over nude, purple, pink, black base colors

Model City Polish can be purchased at their brand-new fancy-shiny website on bigcartel! Each of these polishes was $8.50 each, which is a complete steal for the quality. I hope to have more of her polishes to review soon! 🙂

I think I’ll try and get a picture of how awesome the holo glitters in Never Tear Us Apart are tomorrow, but for now, I’m hitting the sack! Good night and happy polish dreams-



Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces

Hello all!

Today I have a more recent acquisition to show you guys, though it’s a polish that’s been out for a while: Emily de Molly’s Oceanic Forces! This is one out of a trio of polishes, the other two being Dark Forces and Cosmic Forces.

Oceanic Forces has a dark teal jelly base with various size holographic glitters all the way up to the amazing large holographic dots. The formula is decent and was not difficult to work with-the hardest part about applying this polish was getting the holo dots placed just so.




As you all may remember from when I reviewed a-England Saint George, my favorite mug in the universe is teal, and I love using it as a prop in teal polish photos!


Sorry about the low lighting in these pics-this is a combination of as bright as I could get our living room lights to go and the sun from this time of the year.

These pics were taken the day after I did this manicure, and I have one coat of a-England base coat, three coats of Oceanic Forces, a coat of Gelous and a coat of Poshe topcoats.

I managed to score all three of this trio together on a blog sale so I’ll be reviewing the other two sooner or later! You can pick up Oceanic Forces and its mates on Etsy if you’re in Australia. If you’re in the US, you can try Llarowe, MeiMei’s Signatures, or Nail Polish Canada.  For now, keep on keepin’ on ladies and gents-

All love, Allie.

The Mysterious Case of the Appearing Sidewalk Chalk

This morning when I opened my door there was a brand-new box of colorful sidewalk chalk on my doorstep.


All family in the area denies involvement.



Late Night Blues

Crud. Skipped past “tired and ready to sleep” into “do all the things and scour the internet for a few hours looking for something.”

Earlier it was an artist for label art on my line of products-that took a depressing turn when I researched average commission rates, and the artist I really wanted for it is well above average. Well, well above! I’ll still be contacting her to see if things are as pricey as I expect they will be (and with reason) but doubt it’ll be in my price range. (For those who are curious, it’s Amagram Press who I discovered on you’re in the Tacoma, WA, area you have the chance to see a lot of her artwork around town!)

Now, inspired by some random redditing and the fact that my knives are duller than a box of kindergartner’s crayons, I’m looking at kitchen knives. Turns out the sharpener I’ve been using is totally awful, and that real knife enthusiasts use a whetstone and/or strop. Shit. Well, let it never be said I didn’t enjoy buying new equipment and learning new skills! I see a lot of Youtube-ing in my future.

Also turns out that I accidentally bought a pretty decent set of knives when The Man and I first got married and were living together. Woo hoo! I have a set of Henkel knives that have served admirably. While I’d love to lay hands on some Shun knives (c’mon, they’re freaking beautiful!) I know that they’re well out of our price range for a long time, not the least because I’m trying to start my own business. So I plan to make the appropriate whetstone/strop purchases (which I understand aren’t too expensive) and try and get a good edge back on what we’ve got. And if I see a little Shun paring knife on sale somewhere…maybe. In a few years.

Since I last wrote on this blog I’ve baked a lot of things! My sister and I went on a baking spree today to send out goodies to family. Products of the frenzy include chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread men, macarons (which didn’t quite come out but are still tasty), and black bottom cupcakes. Still left to make are apple cider caramels and pumpkin bread. Unfortunately, the black bottom cupcakes were subpar and not fit for sending to family, whom we love and only want to give wonderful things. Sister and I took the bullet for you guys and ate them ourselves. Terrible. So traumatic.


Also in the works lately is my own business, called Aurora Apothecaries (though I foresee a lot of shortening it to just “Aurora”). I have recipes for body and lip scrubs, bath bombs, lip balm, hand balm/salve, and whipped hand lotion so far, but am working on producing more consistent results with some other products before opening shop. So far I have great feedback on the lip balm, which is the only thing I’ve been able to send out for review.


On the Pint & Polish side of things, I’m sad to say that Pint will be taking a break for a while-the other day I had some heart palpitations after drinking two beers, and I’m in now hurry to have to go back in for surgery again. 

Polish-wise, I managed to pounce on both an Enchanted and a Takko restock last month, and hope to have at least the Takkos in hand soon! I have Va Va Voom, Marie Antoinette, and Get Lucky in the mail as we speak and will try and post my nubbly little reviews. From Enchanted I have October, November, Mercy, and the Mystery Holiday polish, but have yet to receive a ‘shipped’ notice and so that’s still up in the air due to her massive oversell. Fingers crossed!


Little Man continues to grow, and get closer and closer to recognizable language. He is enjoying playing with the two kiddos that I babysit about half the month each month and all three are enjoying the toddler activities a friend of mine compiled. You wouldn’t think three kids could sit and scoop and pile and play with rice for (seriously) HOURS at a time, but…apparently they can. It was awesome and perfect since I felt like poop.


Well, I can’t figure out a good way to close out this post-tonight’s one of those weird nights where if you’re with friends, you all sit around and say goodnight five times but never actually get up, or maybe you never say goodnight at all, but just sit there, tired but unwilling to leave, vaguely awkward and a little uncomfortable. It’s been a strange sort of day.


Good night

Because I’m a fat kid, this is now also a baking blog.

Also known as fatty feed

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Icing

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with caramel icing. Jesus christ yes. Click the photo to get to the recipe, on theplayinghouseblog!

Digital Nails Under Pressure


Described by Digital Nails’ creator Raphael Yax as “a neutral gray holo-packed jelly, with multiple sizes of matte black micro glitter, and also loaded with large iridescent hex glitters that shift to a rainbow of colors, as well as my personal fave – shorty iridescent rainbow bar glitters.” Inspired by the transformation of carbon to diamond. Woo!

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail, or What’s the Difference between your Mom and This Polish?

Nerd Lacquer creator Amanda can’t jam holographic particles, holographic glitters, iridescent flakies, and glow in the dark pigment in your Mom! (Not without her consent and some ensuing medical issues, anyway!)

That’s right folks, today I have photos for you of the elusive Nerd Lacquer’s Holy Grail-which, besides being a reference to only the most comical dry British BEST comedy known to man, Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, also presumably refers to the fact that she managed to pack SO FREAKING MUCH into one polish!

She describes it on her website as such: “HOLY GRAIL is a glow-in-the-dark linear holo with silver and holographic glitter. That’s pretty much all you need to know.”

Now, before you start really having seizures, let me preface this further description by saying Holy Grail’s holo effect is faint. More than providing a strong linear or sparkly effect, I think it simply adds a little somethin’-somethin’ to the base color, which is a fine mint grey-green. The formula was good, though I see complete separation in the bottle when I let it sit for more than a day. There was no fishing required for glitters after shaking and rolling well to remix.

On looking back I think next time I wear this I’ll have to go with undies or three coats. (But yikes! As one of the most expensive polishes she offers, at $16 a pop-retail!-you can bet I’ll end up going the undies option!) You could probably make this either green or blue leaning depending on what went underneath it. It’s not a glitter I’d advise mattifying though, I don’t think, as you’d lose the holographic glittery goodness. 

On to the photos! Not many today-we have severe forest fires in the area that keep the sun covered up in smoke, and make it difficult to get good pictures.





C’est bello! Despite my griping, I do like this polish-on my it comes off as a light mint, but the extras make it something I can wear (as opposed to pastels, which you will rarely catch me in-it just isn’t a good idea, trust me!) and nothing’s more fun than forgetting you have glow-in-the-dark nail polish on and then REMEMBERING. At 3 AM. Because there’s a green set of glows by your face and oh yeah…

You can buy Nerd Lacquer *very* occasionally when she restocks her website,, or more likely can find it being resold for extravagant fees on resale groups and sites like the polishsale community at livejournal. Technically she’s stocked at Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co. as well. I’m hoping to one day soon catch a restock at get one of her new Wagner polishes, Gotterdammerung. 🙂


How’ve you guys been lately? I know I was gone a while, but I’m trying to get back into the scene! I have a few swaps coming my way that will hopefully yield exciting new polishes to put up here. So stay tuned!

Later homies!

Why I’ll Never Get Acrylics Again

Or, My Nails Are a Fucking Trainwreck, Please Stand By


It’s true. I lost patience with my nails yesterday and decided to just go balls to the wall and pry my acrylic nails off (carefully!) as they weren’t growing out quickly enough. To be fair, I tried EVERYTHING first-acetone, filing them down, EVERYTHING! And nada. So off they came.

My nails are utterly destroyed underneath. It may be a bit before I do a blog post on anything that isn’t a glitter, as all you see when I apply cremes is HOLY CARP ELEVATION CHANGE. These bitches look rough. Fur real.

So instead of our regularly scheduled Elevation Polish “El Cap,” I have done whatever the hell I feel like wearing-which, turns out, is Nfu-Oh 51 over Illamasqua Baptiste. Just ’cause it’s sexy as fuck.


This is a combination of both my first Illamasqua and Nfu-Oh polishes. I snapped up Nfu-Oh 51 from when they had it on sale for half off, which in retrospect was a very smart move-I see these auctioning off now! And Illamasqua Baptiste was part of one of Sparkly Vernis’ grab bags (which I’ll definitely be partaking of again next year!). Together, they are sexy, sexy flakey magic!







Alright, I’ll be back next time hopefully with more! Stay tuned!

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