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Baking Day: Bagels!

Let me start off by saying YAY SPRING! It’s finally break-up here in Alaska-everything is dripping, melting, melting, and it’s perfect. I missed you, summer. I missed you, sun!

Like every spring, I am experiencing a burst of energy and activity affectionally known as Spring Cleaning. I have cleaned every inch of my kitchen and have now moved on to baking to refill my freezer so I don’t have to bake during the summer, when our lack of A/C becomes a true sadness. Today’s experiment was BAGELS.

If you don’t have Peter Reinhart’s “Artisan Breads Every Day,” you really ought to pick it up! Most of these recipes rely on cold fermentation, which I think brings a particular extra something to the flavor of the goods they produce-my favorite pizza dough recipe relies on cold fermentation to make it exceptional. Additionally, Reinhart’s recipes are all listed in ounces and grams as well as by volume, which makes it easy to get everything exactly correct. (If you bake often and don’t have a kitchen scale, invest in a $20 model and see how much you end up using it!)

So here’s a crappy picture-I was trying to hold a Photojojo lens up to my Samsung phone, and while I like how you can see more of my kitchen in one shot, my finger at the bottom sort of kills it a little for me. Still, you can see unboiled bagels on the counter by the Keurig, and my kitchen window with its little plants and new ikebana vase in it. I emailed the Photojojo guys about replacement magnets so I can use these lenses more often and they were extremely kind and helpful-if you take a lot of phone pics, I suggest looking into their lenses. 🙂


This is the boiling liquid-a mix of water, honey, baking soda, and salt that you boil the bagels in prior to baking.


Here is a blurry-quick photo of them going in the oven!


And here’s the finished product! I put sesame seeds on half per Vince’s request. 🙂


I made strawberry cream cheese spread to go on the bagels since they’re plain! A cup of strawberries, two tbsp. powdered sugar, and one 8 oz. package of cream cheese. Blend and let sit overnight before use.

In case anyone was wondering (and because I want to show it off!), here’s my ikebana vase.



It’s so springy!!!





Because I’m a fat kid, this is now also a baking blog.

Also known as fatty feed

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Icing

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with caramel icing. Jesus christ yes. Click the photo to get to the recipe, on theplayinghouseblog!

Neither Lacquer nor Liquor! Angel Food Cake

It’s been snowy lately, so I haven’t gone to the store for more beer to review. And I’ve spent my nail polish budget for the month! I have a few more to review, but after a fit of rage following a mis-cut of a few nails, I no longer have any nails. Cut ’em to the quick. While they grow back, I’ll be posting about other goings-on here in Fairbanks and another couple of brews.

Because it’s been so snowy and gloomy outside lately, I decided it was time to do some baking! Perfect timing for that kind of energy, as today is also my husband’s thirtieth birthday. Happy Birthday, Vince! 🙂 He requested strawberry shortcake, but after considering the kind of shortcake he usually picks up at the store, I decided angel food cake would be closer and went looking for a recipe.

As usual, Alton Brown had my back. His recipe, here, even includes a large clip from the show that has him making the cake, so there was very little room to mess up! I had a new Nordicware specially-shaped pan (their buttercup pan, which I picked out so that we could pile whipped cream and strawberries in the middle!) and a glass angel food cake pan. I had my trusty KitchenAid mixer, which I bought last summer at a garage sale for just $50. And I had all the ingredients. The egg whites were room temp, the flour and sugar were sifted. Everything was ready.

Set the mixer going with the egg whites and such in it, as per the recipe, and when it reached medium peaks, I was ready to fold in the flour/sugar mixture with my spatula…

…that I’d forgotten broke a few weeks ago and is now MIA somewhere as a baby toy.

So I folded it in with my hand.

Egg whites, *everywhere.*

My kitchen’s now a sticky, horrific mess, and the cakes came out a little denser than I’d’ve liked, thanks to a little overmixing (and not folding the flour in promptly enough-halfway through Little Man fell down and bonked his head!). But the little cakes especially came out beautifully, and are very tasty! The big one’s a little undercooked towards the bottom but I’ll just cut that part off and we’ll be good to go. 🙂

Have some pictures!



See y’all next time! I’ll try to start on a M-W-F update schedule. Ta!

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