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Why I’ll Never Get Acrylics Again

Or, My Nails Are a Fucking Trainwreck, Please Stand By


It’s true. I lost patience with my nails yesterday and decided to just go balls to the wall and pry my acrylic nails off (carefully!) as they weren’t growing out quickly enough. To be fair, I tried EVERYTHING first-acetone, filing them down, EVERYTHING! And nada. So off they came.

My nails are utterly destroyed underneath. It may be a bit before I do a blog post on anything that isn’t a glitter, as all you see when I apply cremes is HOLY CARP ELEVATION CHANGE. These bitches look rough. Fur real.

So instead of our regularly scheduled Elevation Polish “El Cap,” I have done whatever the hell I feel like wearing-which, turns out, is Nfu-Oh 51 over Illamasqua Baptiste. Just ’cause it’s sexy as fuck.


This is a combination of both my first Illamasqua and Nfu-Oh polishes. I snapped up Nfu-Oh 51 from when they had it on sale for half off, which in retrospect was a very smart move-I see these auctioning off now! And Illamasqua Baptiste was part of one of Sparkly Vernis’ grab bags (which I’ll definitely be partaking of again next year!). Together, they are sexy, sexy flakey magic!







Alright, I’ll be back next time hopefully with more! Stay tuned!


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