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Model City Polish Sunday Morning (NEW for Spring 2014!)

Happy Friday everybody! Today is the second of the two, BRAND-SPANKIN’-NEW Model City Polishes I have for you guys! It’ll be available TOMORROW at the restock, so get an eyeful today and make your shopping decisions!

Sunday Morning is a white crelly with pastel blue, pink, purple, and yellow satin glitters and sweet, grass-green satin glitters. They’re all a nice uniform size hexes. The overall effect is similar to what you’d get if you took an entire JC Penney’s stock of girls’ Easter dresses and put them all into one big pile with vestments from a Catholic Easter service and then stepped back to admire your handiwork: it is the ultimate Easter/spring colored polish!

Aside from all the springtime imagery, though, this polish reminded me very much of a pastel version of a jawbreaker or similarly colored candy, and I really kinda dug that.

I used three coats of Sunday Morning, one coat of Gelous, and one coat of Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat for the following swatch photos, and should’ve been more careful to let it all dry between coats-there was some minor bubbling. (I probably could’ve gotten away with two coats of Sunday Morning if I’d applied it more carefully.)

Photos are taken in bright outdoor light, except for the first photo which is in bright indoor lighting.








Look at all that gorgeous yummy color! Ha! Again, the bubbling was an issue because I was rushed, but when I did a swatch stick with this color I allowed more dry time and it was NOT a problem. User error, here. 😉

Sunday Morning and Fairy Godmother (and a whole host of other new spring colors, and a Resident Evil themed collection!) will be available for $8.50 each on Model City Polish’s bigcartel site here Saturday, March 22nd, at 12PM CST. Good luck picking just one (or two, or three) of the newest colors to purchase!

See you guys around-it’s spring cleaning time here this week!




Model City Polish Geminids

Today on my blog we have an amazing blue jelly-the bluest of all blues, the jelliest of all jellies! It’s Model City Polish Geminids, which is described as a rich blue jelly with tiny blue and silver holographic glitter in tiny hexes and micro bars. I love the micro bars! In a jelly like this they’re really something special. 

(The Geminids meteor shower is every December and is spectacular, btw!)


This shows two coats of Geminids with a coat of Gelous and Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That.








Deeeeeeelish! Seriously. I may need a backup bottle.

A little wintery, though, isn’t it? So maybe I should move on to a nice springtime polish. 😉 I just so happen to have a few of those on hand…

Stay tuned for two new MCP spring colors next time!


NOTD: Digital Nails Highlander and Takko Get Lucky

I thought gold (and lots of it!) would be appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day! So I slapped a quick coat of Takko Get Lucky on top of my DN Highlander mani from a few days ago. C’est magnifique! Serious sparkles.







See y’all later! 


Digital Nails Highlander

Today is the last of my new Digital Nails posts for a short while! Sad day, I know. But I have a few more for later on down the line. 

This is Digital Nails Highlander, inspired by Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. It’s a golden copper holographic jelly, created with a line from the books in mind: “looks like the light reflecting off of gold and copper coins.”  I can dig it! The formula was excellent, and I chose to use three coats and a coat of ANGTFT quick-dry topcoat.

On to the photos! These are all taken in bright indoor lighting.




Lookit dat burnished gold!


Lookit dat holographic effect!



This polish is sheer, so even at three coats it’s got just a hint of VNL goin’ on, but honestly it isn’t so bad that it bothers me. This polish is extremely office-friendly, and I’ll be picking up a full size as soon as I have money for it. (Looks like that might be a while, though, sadly! Summer is coming, and I need a big, BIG tent!) 

You can buy Highlander at Digital Nails’ etsy store for $13 USD. If you’d like to keep up with their shop announcements and new polish colors, collections, etc., go look her up on Facebook-she has two new collections coming out soon! I’m especially excited about her spring one, which is a little different from the normal “all pastels” collections that tend to come out this time of year. 🙂

See you all next time!


Digital Nails Double Rainicorn

Good evening/morning, dearest readers! Welcome to any new friends who may stumble upon my humble blog. And seriously, I mean humble. I’m not being overly modest.

This eve-mor-ning I have for you another Digital Nails polish (can you tell I’m on a spree?): Double Rainicorn! This was inspired by Lady Rainicorn of Adventure Time fame, who looks like this:


and a Double Rainicorn looks like this:


and apparently inspires reactions like this. Woah.

Anywho, Double Rainicorn was created with the intention to convey both Lady’s coloration-which is pretty spectacular in and of itself-but ALSO, her crazy magical ability to change things different colors! (This video is like something my brother would make. I swear.) (The first part is pertinent, anyway. The rest is silliness.) So there is an absolutely astonishing amount of different kinds of glitter in this polish. There are holographic bars and dots, there are little bitty holo specks, there are whites and yellow satin squares and blue and green metallic hexes. Those are the ones that really stick out to me!

So, bar glitter: love/hate relationship, she and I. I like how it looks sometimes and it’s a PITA to apply sometimes. We meet occasionally in the middle for a civil tea that afterwards is recalled as enjoyable. Unfortunately this bar glitter was a little longer than I like working with, and so I ended up trimming bits off the ends of my nails where they hung over. I liked them when I thought about Lady, though, and I sort of thought it looked like movement traces-those little lines that blur and show that a character is moving. But holographic. And therefore awesomer.

The rest of the glitters were too easy to get out of the bottle! Even the big dots, which she warns may be difficult, were easy enough after I turned the bottle upside down for a few minutes prior to use. I actually got a lot more glitter than I bargained for with each dip, and so my nails look like crazy. CRAZY!

These photos were taken in indoor lighting. I used two coats of Chaos & Crocodiles LH06 as a base color and then one dabbed/brushed coat of Double Rainicorn on top. Over that went a coat of Gelous and Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That topcoat.







Finn approves!


Double Rainicorn is available through Digital Nails’ etsy shop here for $10 USD and you can keep up-to-date with her shop goings-on at her Facebook page. I’ll have at least one more of her polishes up on the blog soon, and maybe more. 😉

Hope you all sleep tight, and have a great day tomorrow!


Digital Nails Colovaria (my first thermal!)

Good evening everyone! This latest polish-a mini provided for my review by Raphaelle at Digital Nails-came at an excellent time for me! I am currently in the midst of a bout of Potteritis. The disease is incurable but easily treatable with marathon showings of all eight movies and shameful amounts of fanfiction. Why is this all so good, you may ask? Because Colovaria is the spell for changing an object’s color, and this thermal polish does just that! (Between two colors. On your fingertips. Nothing else.) 

Digital Nails Colovaria is a polish that, on me, shifts between pale, soft pink with iridiscent color-shifting green to blue shimmer when it’s warm to a dark, bold pink with the same shifting glimmer when it’s cool. 

Sad truth of the matter is though that apparently either my fingernails are too short still or my hands are exceptionally warm, because one way or another I spent all day with pale, sheer pink nails and not a thermal-French-tip mani in sight! This was easily cured anytime I went outside (where it was a BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, BALMY 30 degrees Fahrenheit today!) or washed my hands in cold water or reached into the ice bin. 

I’m willing to bet I just don’t have enough nail past my fingertips, though, which is a sad thing-this polish was truly gorgeous with the dark pink at the tips! It reminded me of certain flowers that are tinged darker in the inside. The overall color scheme reminded me strongly of cherry blossoms…but then, I’m definitely being hit with a wicked case of spring fever!

I used two coats of Colovaria and one coat of Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat, which has quickly become a favorite and of which I’ll need a backup bottle for JUST IN CASE. The first pictures are as my nails were all day-totally pale pink-and for later photos I stuck my hand in the freezer for 10-20 seconds. Formula was excellent, leaning slightly to the thicker side (as is my personal preference) and each coat dried quickly.


Look at these green shimmers!








Colovaria is available from Digital Nails’ Etsy shop here for $12 and Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That quick-dry topcoat is available for $6. Her formulas are 3-Free and her shipping is ultra fast!

Next time I’ll have another Digital Nails beauty up on the blog-stay tuned! Sleep tight readers and readeresses-


Digital Nails Keepin’ It Weird

Today on the blog we have NEW, NOT YET RELEASED polish from Digital Nails! It’s called Keepin’ It Weird, a slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance (inspired by Red Wassenich’s words while making a pledge to an Austin radio station). Keepin’ It Weird (and Keep Austin Weird) have evolved to a sort of motto, sounds like-a pledge by those in Austin to keep Austin friendly for those in subcultures and subinterests, for small businesses with big ideas, and therefore “weird” to the rest of Texas (which is heavily conservative).


What better cause for Digital Nails, a geeky lacquer company, to support? 😉
Keepin’ It Weird is a grape jelly purple jelly polishwith a mix of iridescent shapes and colors (I see hexes, squares, and teeny tiny shreds!) and itty bitty holographic glitters. The overall effect is beautiful translucent purple with sparkles in all colors of the rainbow! I love the effect the iridescent glitters give in a jelly polish.
The formula on this was a little thick-those iridescent tend to thicken up a polish, I’ve noticed-but not unmanageable. First coat went on a little patchy but that may be fixable with some thinner. Second coat evened it out, and I put on a third coat because I wanted it to look a little darker-like it does in the bottle. The photos don’t quite accurately capture the color of the polish-it is a little more red than shown, and a little brighter.
Photos shown are of three coats of Keepin’ It Weird with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That topcoat, which, by the way, is amazeballs.
And in bright indoor light:
Overall this polish is a definite keeper-it’s funky and just a little bit weird, in the best of ways! This is something I’ll put on when I feel like being an eccentric housewife. 😉
Keepin’ It Weird will be available for purchase “sometime in April” according to Raphaelle, so keep a weather eye out!
Disclaimer: This bottle was provided for my honest review. Honest, guys. For cereal.

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail, or What’s the Difference between your Mom and This Polish?

Nerd Lacquer creator Amanda can’t jam holographic particles, holographic glitters, iridescent flakies, and glow in the dark pigment in your Mom! (Not without her consent and some ensuing medical issues, anyway!)

That’s right folks, today I have photos for you of the elusive Nerd Lacquer’s Holy Grail-which, besides being a reference to only the most comical dry British BEST comedy known to man, Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, also presumably refers to the fact that she managed to pack SO FREAKING MUCH into one polish!

She describes it on her website as such: “HOLY GRAIL is a glow-in-the-dark linear holo with silver and holographic glitter. That’s pretty much all you need to know.”

Now, before you start really having seizures, let me preface this further description by saying Holy Grail’s holo effect is faint. More than providing a strong linear or sparkly effect, I think it simply adds a little somethin’-somethin’ to the base color, which is a fine mint grey-green. The formula was good, though I see complete separation in the bottle when I let it sit for more than a day. There was no fishing required for glitters after shaking and rolling well to remix.

On looking back I think next time I wear this I’ll have to go with undies or three coats. (But yikes! As one of the most expensive polishes she offers, at $16 a pop-retail!-you can bet I’ll end up going the undies option!) You could probably make this either green or blue leaning depending on what went underneath it. It’s not a glitter I’d advise mattifying though, I don’t think, as you’d lose the holographic glittery goodness. 

On to the photos! Not many today-we have severe forest fires in the area that keep the sun covered up in smoke, and make it difficult to get good pictures.





C’est bello! Despite my griping, I do like this polish-on my it comes off as a light mint, but the extras make it something I can wear (as opposed to pastels, which you will rarely catch me in-it just isn’t a good idea, trust me!) and nothing’s more fun than forgetting you have glow-in-the-dark nail polish on and then REMEMBERING. At 3 AM. Because there’s a green set of glows by your face and oh yeah…

You can buy Nerd Lacquer *very* occasionally when she restocks her website,, or more likely can find it being resold for extravagant fees on resale groups and sites like the polishsale community at livejournal. Technically she’s stocked at Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co. as well. I’m hoping to one day soon catch a restock at get one of her new Wagner polishes, Gotterdammerung. 🙂


How’ve you guys been lately? I know I was gone a while, but I’m trying to get back into the scene! I have a few swaps coming my way that will hopefully yield exciting new polishes to put up here. So stay tuned!

Later homies!

HooDoo Taproom’s Kolsch and ILoveNP’s Don Juan

Double post WWWOOOOWWWOOOOWWWWOOOOO! Today I have a brand-new brewery in Fairbanks, HooDoo Taproom, and their excellent Kolsch beer up on the docket. Sort of happened on accident, actually-I needed somewhere to sit and work on computer things, as Little Man has been especially demanding lately, and lo, the taproom opened at three…so off I went, and here I am!

It is a blistering 20F here in Fairbanks today-it’s been up in the 40s even lately, and everything is melting and slick and wet! Beautiful, strangely enough. The things that look nice once you’ve been in -50F for a few months, ha ha…

I’m typing this up before I take pictures of Don Juan, as it’s second on my to-do list behind have a delicious beer and work on some web dev. The taproom’s a little chill, and I’m sitting in a corner relaxing with a stool and a chair as a desk. I actually really like the beer this place brews-enough that I’m eyeing one of the t-shirts that are for sale to show some support. It’s a local brewery after all, and I do like local businesses!

But enough. Y’all aren’t here to hear me ramble about big metal brewing vats and old men having beers and younger men sitting next to me bitching about the awful night they visited upon themselves the night before. 😉 Y’all are here for a review of some beer!

HooDoo Taproom is fairly new here in Fairbanks, and opened up down off of Phillips Field Rd. (This will mean very little to those of you who aren’t from here, but will be helpful for those who are!)

HooDoo’s description of their Kolsch is more thorough than I can manage, and provides more background, so I will provide it first, and then my impression:  “Our German Kölsch is a testament to simplicity, tradition and quality. Using the same malt, hops, and process as a brewery in Cologne, Germany (where Kölsch originates), we strived to replicate the style in every way possible. The beer is has a clean but complex malt base that marries perfectly with the delicate, subtle aromas of southern german noble hops.”

It does, in fact, have a very clean taste, and is not overly hoppy as I expected from the description. (Or, indeed, from most beers I find in Alaska-they seem to be a group of extremist brewers, either striving for as stout a beer as possible or as hoppy!) The malt base does not taste ‘complex’ to me, but my palate is decidedly….naive? Inexperienced. I mean, I drink beer, but I don’t brew it, and I think the best beer critics are probably also those who brew, since they have access to the individual components and maybe therefore can better label them. I know it’s an alright beer, not my favorite from them though. That honor still belongs to the English Mild that I’ve been promised will return.

HooDoo suggests pairing this with lighter foods, and it’s probably the first beer I could see genuinely enjoying with a salad. Hm. Note to self: do this!

Overall, it’s a moderately alcoholic beer that I’m enjoying drinking but will probably switch up in next time to try their stout again. It’s almost dinner time after all, and their stout is *very* stout!


Next up is ILoveNP’s Don Juan! 😀

ILoveNP and I have history. For reals. I moderate over at’s r/RandomActsofPolish, and for our 2k member benchmark I organized a HUGE indie giveaway! ILoveNP’s Barbra was an absolute joy to communicate with, honestly-so enthusiastic and happy to be part of the whole thing. And when her polishes arrived I happily shipped them on to the winner who received them, and mentally bookmarked her shop for future purchase.

Then someone came on to my usual online hangout (a chat on IRC) and offered two ILoveNP polishes up for swap. I said, sure! My friend warned me: they smell kinda bad. I thought to myself, self, it can’t be that bad! Friend is probably being a wuss. Take ’em off her like candy from a baby before she changes her mind.

So I did.

I was wrong.

They smelled really, really bad.

And I couldn’t reconcile the two things in my head: a happy, cheerful, competent Barbra, and this awful polish. So after some hemming and hawing, I finally got on etsy and messaged her with what I hope was a kind and constructive criticism of her polish.

Then I waited, cringing, for what I assumed would be at best a brush-off (thanks to my first meeting with another indie maker, who shall remain unnamed) and at worst an outpouring of “shut the fuck up and get out.”

It did not come. What came instead was an unfailing kind and polite reply by Barbra acknowledging the issues and informing me that a new base had been ordered and arrived, and that her polishes were all undergoing reformulation with the new base.

In fact, she even sent me two new polishes to replace the two that I had SWAPPED for, as an apology, and asked me to let the person who originally purchased them know that she could ALSO get new polishes. (That friend that I got them from did contact Barbra, and was compensated.)

So! Two free polishes from ILoveNP. The day came that they arrived and I opened the package with some small amount of trepidation. I wanted nice polish. I wanted to provide Barbra and ILoveNP polishes with a good review. And most of all, I wanted to feel like Barbra, who I greatly enjoy working with, had redeemed her brand.

And she has.

Bask in the subtle glory that is Don Juan: a dark forest green, blue undertoned holo.



You heard me.

Dark. Green. Holo.

And it is gorgeous.





ILoveNP’s Don Juan had an excellent formula, achieving full opacity in two coats. It self-leveled nicely, not leaving behind and nasty streaks or ridges, and almost didn’t need a topcoat, it dried so shiny! I put one on anyway because I’d like to keep it on a few days without chipping. I don’t know if Don Juan would chip easily otherwise, but most holos I’ve worn before do.

Shown is two coats of Don Juan with one coat of butter LONDON’s Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat. In indoor lighting it’s a very slightly shimmery forest green creme, and I love it. Outdoors in the sunlight it has just a whisper of linear holographic sparkle, and I love it even more for that bit of spark! I feel like this is a polish I could wear in a relaxed office setting without seeming OUTRAGEOUSLY SPARKLY but with the safe, secret knowledge that in bright or sunlight, it’ll shine. 🙂

Essentially, I will be ordering from ILoveNP again shortly, and am tempted to take advantage of their current (rather rare!) sale: use code YAY25 for 25% off any full size polishes at her website,! I’ve been eyeing her Golden Orchid and Don’t Trample My Roses.

And, spoiler alert: she has a full line of holographic polishes coming soon! I know where I’ll be spending a little pocket money next month. 😉

Well, off to the gym-I’ve been roped into CrossFit by my husband, sigh. Wish me luck!

❤ kettish

Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf

Hello there guys and dolls! I’m back (in a relatively respectable amount of time, again! what’s going on!) with, as promised, Digital Nails’ Bad Wolf.

Bad Wolf. Blaidd drwg. Darlig ulv. There are many ways to say it, scattered across time and space, a message to and from a certain Doctor’s Companion by the name of Rose Marrion Tyler, who looked into the heart of the TARDIS and saw herself. Rose was far and away my favorite companion for a long, long time (until Donna popped up-“Oy, Spaceman!”) and still part of my OTP for the fandom. She’s often described as being all pink and yellow, which I always found an apt description considering her bleach-blonde hair and propensity for bright girly pink. Not my schtick, personally, but she seemed to enjoy it, so, y’know. 

It’s the same propensity that prompted my choice of undies for Bad Wolf. After some agonizing and a little putting-off (I didn’t feel like Bad Wolf would shine brightest as a solitary glitter, much like Serenity and several of Digital Nails’ other polishes) I finally decided on the ‘pink’ part of the pink-and-yellow equation: a-England’s Iseult, a sheer, soft, shimmery light pink that is almost a neutral and I believe provides a nice backdrop to show off Bad Wolf.

Raphael, creator of Digital nails, describes Bad Wolf as “pale gold flakies, white flakies that flash gold in the sun, duochrome mica pigment that shifts from an almost undetectable aqua to a strong pale gold. It also has both hexagonal and square glitter in as many iridescent color shifting colors and sizes as I could find (at least 10!).” Phew! It has a LOT going on! And it’s certainly gorgeous, golden, and glowing-just like the heart of the TARDIS.

Below is shown two coats of Iseult with just ONE (1!) coat of Bad Wolf on top!

In bright indoor lighting:




And in bright sunlight:



The formula on Bad Wolf was definitely thick but not unmanageably so. If it really bothers you, you can thin it out just a tad with regular nail polish thinner. I showed just one coat over a base color above, but Digital Nails’ description of Bad Wolf claims it can reach opacity in three rather thin coats, and I may try that next time! Also, surprisingly, this polish was not super-duper rough when it dried-I achieved smooth nails with two coats of Gelous and a coat of butter LONDON’s topcoat. Sounds like a lot, but I think I actually had one coat of Gelous too many, and that it would’ve been fine with just the one (especially if you’re slappin’ a coat of Seche Vite on top).

All in all, this polish gets an A in my gradebook! Would buy again, etc. 😉 You can purchase Bad Wolf for yourself at Digital Nails’ etsy shop for $10.00. She also ships internationally, so if you’ve been hankerin’ for some sweet, sweet indie polish goodness but are stuck somewhere that isn’t a big part of that scene, here you are! Personally, I’m going to try and get my hands her polish Convergent, which is new to her shop and named after convergent evolution. BALLIN’.

Hope y’all enjoyed-stay tuned next time for yet ANOTHER amazing indie polish by ILoveNP, who has recently reformulated her polishes and sent me two colors for review, Don Juan and Window Shopping. 

Have a baby moose that showed up at my doorstep before you go! 


Later dudes and dudettes! 

❤ kettish.

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