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Digital Nails Keepin’ It Weird

Today on the blog we have NEW, NOT YET RELEASED polish from Digital Nails! It’s called Keepin’ It Weird, a slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance (inspired by Red Wassenich’s words while making a pledge to an Austin radio station). Keepin’ It Weird (and Keep Austin Weird) have evolved to a sort of motto, sounds like-a pledge by those in Austin to keep Austin friendly for those in subcultures and subinterests, for small businesses with big ideas, and therefore “weird” to the rest of Texas (which is heavily conservative).


What better cause for Digital Nails, a geeky lacquer company, to support? 😉
Keepin’ It Weird is a grape jelly purple jelly polishwith a mix of iridescent shapes and colors (I see hexes, squares, and teeny tiny shreds!) and itty bitty holographic glitters. The overall effect is beautiful translucent purple with sparkles in all colors of the rainbow! I love the effect the iridescent glitters give in a jelly polish.
The formula on this was a little thick-those iridescent tend to thicken up a polish, I’ve noticed-but not unmanageable. First coat went on a little patchy but that may be fixable with some thinner. Second coat evened it out, and I put on a third coat because I wanted it to look a little darker-like it does in the bottle. The photos don’t quite accurately capture the color of the polish-it is a little more red than shown, and a little brighter.
Photos shown are of three coats of Keepin’ It Weird with one coat of Gelous and one coat of Digital Nails Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That topcoat, which, by the way, is amazeballs.
And in bright indoor light:
Overall this polish is a definite keeper-it’s funky and just a little bit weird, in the best of ways! This is something I’ll put on when I feel like being an eccentric housewife. 😉
Keepin’ It Weird will be available for purchase “sometime in April” according to Raphaelle, so keep a weather eye out!
Disclaimer: This bottle was provided for my honest review. Honest, guys. For cereal.

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