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Digital Nails Under Pressure


Described by Digital Nails’ creator Raphael Yax as “a neutral gray holo-packed jelly, with multiple sizes of matte black micro glitter, and also loaded with large iridescent hex glitters that shift to a rainbow of colors, as well as my personal fave – shorty iridescent rainbow bar glitters.” Inspired by the transformation of carbon to diamond. Woo!

Nerd Lacquer Holy Grail, or What’s the Difference between your Mom and This Polish?

Nerd Lacquer creator Amanda can’t jam holographic particles, holographic glitters, iridescent flakies, and glow in the dark pigment in your Mom! (Not without her consent and some ensuing medical issues, anyway!)

That’s right folks, today I have photos for you of the elusive Nerd Lacquer’s Holy Grail-which, besides being a reference to only the most comical dry British BEST comedy known to man, Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, also presumably refers to the fact that she managed to pack SO FREAKING MUCH into one polish!

She describes it on her website as such: “HOLY GRAIL is a glow-in-the-dark linear holo with silver and holographic glitter. That’s pretty much all you need to know.”

Now, before you start really having seizures, let me preface this further description by saying Holy Grail’s holo effect is faint. More than providing a strong linear or sparkly effect, I think it simply adds a little somethin’-somethin’ to the base color, which is a fine mint grey-green. The formula was good, though I see complete separation in the bottle when I let it sit for more than a day. There was no fishing required for glitters after shaking and rolling well to remix.

On looking back I think next time I wear this I’ll have to go with undies or three coats. (But yikes! As one of the most expensive polishes she offers, at $16 a pop-retail!-you can bet I’ll end up going the undies option!) You could probably make this either green or blue leaning depending on what went underneath it. It’s not a glitter I’d advise mattifying though, I don’t think, as you’d lose the holographic glittery goodness. 

On to the photos! Not many today-we have severe forest fires in the area that keep the sun covered up in smoke, and make it difficult to get good pictures.





C’est bello! Despite my griping, I do like this polish-on my it comes off as a light mint, but the extras make it something I can wear (as opposed to pastels, which you will rarely catch me in-it just isn’t a good idea, trust me!) and nothing’s more fun than forgetting you have glow-in-the-dark nail polish on and then REMEMBERING. At 3 AM. Because there’s a green set of glows by your face and oh yeah…

You can buy Nerd Lacquer *very* occasionally when she restocks her website,, or more likely can find it being resold for extravagant fees on resale groups and sites like the polishsale community at livejournal. Technically she’s stocked at Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co. as well. I’m hoping to one day soon catch a restock at get one of her new Wagner polishes, Gotterdammerung. 🙂


How’ve you guys been lately? I know I was gone a while, but I’m trying to get back into the scene! I have a few swaps coming my way that will hopefully yield exciting new polishes to put up here. So stay tuned!

Later homies!

Why I’ll Never Get Acrylics Again

Or, My Nails Are a Fucking Trainwreck, Please Stand By


It’s true. I lost patience with my nails yesterday and decided to just go balls to the wall and pry my acrylic nails off (carefully!) as they weren’t growing out quickly enough. To be fair, I tried EVERYTHING first-acetone, filing them down, EVERYTHING! And nada. So off they came.

My nails are utterly destroyed underneath. It may be a bit before I do a blog post on anything that isn’t a glitter, as all you see when I apply cremes is HOLY CARP ELEVATION CHANGE. These bitches look rough. Fur real.

So instead of our regularly scheduled Elevation Polish “El Cap,” I have done whatever the hell I feel like wearing-which, turns out, is Nfu-Oh 51 over Illamasqua Baptiste. Just ’cause it’s sexy as fuck.


This is a combination of both my first Illamasqua and Nfu-Oh polishes. I snapped up Nfu-Oh 51 from when they had it on sale for half off, which in retrospect was a very smart move-I see these auctioning off now! And Illamasqua Baptiste was part of one of Sparkly Vernis’ grab bags (which I’ll definitely be partaking of again next year!). Together, they are sexy, sexy flakey magic!







Alright, I’ll be back next time hopefully with more! Stay tuned!

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